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You’re overwhelmed by daily life

The anxiety begins the minute you open your eyes in the morning. You know it’ll be a rough day as you go through the motions and drag yourself out the door. 


You zone out on the way to work so don’t even remember the morning commute. It happens without warming and feels scary as you realize you’ve been disconnected with no sense of how much time has passed. 


Lately, it feels like you’re in a fog that separates you from the rest of the world..


You’ve never felt like you fit in anywhere; always an outsider even in your own group of friends. You wonder what it’d feel like to be “normal” since you’ve felt different for as long as you can remember. 


The shame and confusion about your past make you feel like something’s wrong with you. 


You’re always on edge like something terrible might happen. It’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re unsafe so you check the doors are locked at least three times before you can fall asleep. 


You never know how you’ll feel when you wake up so your life revolves around the IBS, pain and headaches that won’t seem to go away. You’ve tried every herb, supplement and diet but nothing has helped you feel better.


You blame yourself for being a burden in your family’s life. 


The mood swings, panic attacks and crying spells seem to come out of nowhere. You’re either overly emotional or numb and neither one feels easy to handle. 


Lately, you’ve got no patience so small mishap can lead to a downward spiral. 


You feel embarrassed and ashamed about decisions you’ve made in life. You blame yourself for the things that happened; you keep secrets and don’t talk about your past so people never truly know you. 


Your shame, guilt and fear don’t have to control your life forever. 


The trauma doesn’t have to define you.



May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."
Nelson Mandela 


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You want to feel secure in the world so that your big dreams can be a reality.

You want to gain self-awareness so that you feel stable, safe and grounded within yourself. 


Imagine a life where you’re guided by self-compassion, trust and inner peace. A life where you’re safe to take chances and have new experiences. 


It’s time to feel like you belong in this world, just as you are today.


You’re looking to feel worthy of love so that you can have relationships filled with honesty, support and intimacy. 


You’re ready to connect with your mind, body and soul so that you can practice self-care with ease. 


I believe in the union of holistic and scientific practices so that you can heal from trauma on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 


Through a combination of somatic exercises, mindfulness, spirituality and talk therapy you’ll gain self-awareness so that you can connect with your intuition to feel a sense of safety, independence and confidence within yourself. 


As a somatic-trauma informed therapist, I’ll gently guide you to deepen your mind-body connection so that you gain the skills to identify your physical sensations, emotions and thought patterns that need your attention. Somatic therapies are a safe way to heal from the past without the risk of re-traumatization since our practices help keep you present, rather than opening old wounds. 


We’ll work together to help you connect with your body, mind and soul to gain an understanding of yourself so that you’re empowered as you experience personal growth and transformation.


You’ll gain a sense of openness to yourself, others and all of life’s opportunities.

Trauma doesn’t have to define you. It’s time to create the life you dream about.

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“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

― Carl Gustav Jung

I believe in the power of openness, compassion and acceptance to grow and learn together. 


Trauma doesn’t have to keep you living in fear any longer. We’ll tap into the power of your body so that you’re connected, self-aware and secure as you trust your intuition to guide you through life. 

Peaceful Prana Therapy is a place where you come to feel understood, explore your deepest desires and share what you've held inside for so long.



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