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You desperately want to “shut-off” your mind.

You’re consumed by obsessive thoughts swirling around in your head so you can’t tell where one thought ends and another begins. 


At times, it feels like you might explode; you can’t breathe as your heart pounds and you want to crawl out of your skin. 


You obsess about the “what if’s” in every situation since all you can imagine are the horrible things that may happen. You’ve got never-ending lists and schedule your days down to the minute so that you feel a sense of control over your life. 


The voice of doubt, shame and judgment follows you with constant reminders of why you’re not good enough. 


The inner critic tells you that you’re behind in life, you’re a failure and that won’t ever achieve your goals. 


You put on a show so that nobody sees the real you. You act like the fun, cool woman to hide your insecurities but you feel drained and alone by the end of the day. 


Lately, it feels like you can’t hold it together much longer. 


The anxiety doesn’t have be in control anymore.

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If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be."


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You want to live in the moment so that you can be present for your life right now.

You want to gain self-awareness to quiet your mind, slow down your thoughts and feel comfortable in your body. 


Imagine a life where you trust yourself to make decisions so that you can take risks and be open to new experiences. 


You’re looking for self-acceptance so that you’re compassionate with yourself even when you make mistakes. 


It’s time to let go of perfectionism to let others see the real you, flaws and all. 


You’re ready to show up in the world with confidence to be your authentic self. 

You won’t feel this way forever.

I believe in the union of holistic and scientific practices so that I can address your needs as a whole person since anxiety affects all aspects of your life. 


Through a combination of mindfulness, talk therapy, breathe work and somatic exercises you’ll gain self-awareness as you build inner strength and compassion to deepen your personal growth.  


I’ll help you learn how to manage the symptoms of anxiety so that you’ll have the ability to squash the inner critic, develop self-worth and heal from painful experiences that contribute to the emotional roller coaster. 


We’ll work together to uncover the innate tools inside of you to overcome your fear so that you have the skills to calm yourself and feel safe in the world around you. 


Emotions don’t have to control you. Let's bring you home to yourself.


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"My desire to do something is greater than my fear of it."- Dolly Parton 


I believe in the power of openness, compassion and acceptance to grow and learn together. 

Anxiety doesn’t have to control your life any longer.
We’ll tap into the power of your heart so that you feel strong, grounded and peaceful as you unleash your true self into the world. 

Peaceful Prana Therapy is a place where you come to feel understood, explore your deepest desires and share what you've held inside for so long.

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