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Your body can be your home.

 Explore a  connection to your body so that you can tap into your wisdom, regulate your

nervous system and have a relationship with yourself.

The practice of yoga unites your mind, body and soul for a union that leads to self-awareness, growth and love.


Yoga helps you gain insight, open your heart and feel empowered as you learn to honor yourself through conscious movement. Conscious, mindful movement along with connection to your breath, somatic practices and heart center can help to move stored traumatic energy and create space in your body and mind.


Yoga for Trauma Healing groups are created with the intention to alleviate suffering and with the belief that knowledge is power. The aim is to practice yoga asana and philosophy as we co-create a group space where people connect with others, learn nervous system regulation tools and deepen practices for self-inquiry and spiritual growth.

The groups are created utilizing the Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method and incorporate knowledge from professional trainings related to somatic psychotherapy, EMDR, IFS, yoga philosophy, meditation, Reiki, the chakra system and my own personal studies for growth. Through sharing this knowledge we’ll explore how western psychology and eastern philosophy can beautifully pair to help connect you with your body, mind, spirit as part of your healing process.

Yoga for Trauma Survivors groups include a number of specific resources and practices designed to support trauma survivors in healing their trauma through a journey of self-awareness, embodiment and self-compassion.





This group isn't limited to those that experienced major, catastrophic events- I understand that trauma is vast and includes “little t” traumas such as childhood experiences, emotional neglect, unhealthy relationship patterns, racism and discrimination, systemic violence and oppression as well as generational and collective trauma. 

All offerings are created through a trauma-informed lenses and accessible to all bodies. 

Individual and small group sessions available upon request. The sessions would be tailored to your personal physical, emotional as well as spiritual needs and desires. 

Elizabeth Sumpf Registered Yoga Instructor





I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher with specialized training in Yin Yoga and the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method where I learned how to use yoga as a healing modality.


I believe that through the practice of yoga we’re able to connect with the powerful source inside all of us. Through my professional training and personal experience I’ve learned to deepen the relationship with my body, open my heart and gain insight that lead to self-acceptance and empowerment. I believe that yoga philosophy is the foundation of a practice that leads to changes on and off the mat.


I believe that yoga creates space within ourselves and the larger collective to express love, share support and deepen connections.

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Summer: Wednesday, July 10th-August 14th 

Fall: Wednesday, Oct. 16th-Nov. 20th

This is a closed, virtual six-week group series that includes mindfulness practices, yoga breathing, somatic practices, psycho-education/dharma talks, movement and self-reflection. The intention is to bring you closer to your true self to create lasting change. 

Summer: Wednesday, June 6th, 13th, 26th

Fall: Thursday, Nov. 7th, 14th, 21st

This is a three-week, virtual series on healing shame that develops from trauma.  Each group focuses on somatic exercises targeted to change the patterns of shame in your nervous system, psycho-education/ dharma talks to deepen your knowledge and wisdom as well as an asana practice on the mat to move your body through the emotional experience. 



  "At the center of your being
You have the answer;
  You know who you are
                 and know what you want."-Lao Tzu


Trauma-Informed yoga and somatic practices to focus on nervous system regulation for healing, growth and self-love.
Trauma-Informed Yoga Groups and Classes
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"Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life." 
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