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Living in the "AND"...

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Our society teaches “black or white” thinking--everything’s either this OR it’s that- we live on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

This either/or thinking is like one dimensional world that blocks you from seeing all sides of life.

This way of thinking makes you believe there’s one “right” choice and one way you're “supposed” to feel but that's not how human beings operate.

We’re all multi-faceted beings with many thoughts, feelings, needs and desires that can arise at one time.

Life actually happens when there’s room for “AND” to exist.

When you give yourself permission to move away from the extremes and land in the middle so that you live in the “gray” ...

This creates room for multiple emotions, experiences, perspectives and possibilities to all exist at once.

I can be sad and find moments of joy.

I can cry and laugh at the same time.

I can argue with my partner and feel love for them too.

I can be scared and trust my needs will be met.

I can be kind and set boundaries.

I experienced trauma and it doesn’t define me.

I can have flaws and accept myself.

I can feel angry and remain calm.

I can miss my ex and be ready for a new relationship.

When you invite the AND into your daily routine you take the pressure off of yourself and create room for all sides of you to co-exist.

Each thought, emotion, experience or mistake no longer defines you-- everything becomes part of the overall experience of life.

Remind yourself, AND THIS TOO…

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