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Be the Tree- Live in Harmony

In this time of intense energy, cosmic shifts and season changes I’m writing with a full heart to share some insights and info about upcoming offerings.

Although the energy impacts each of us differently there’s underlying themes that tend to play out when these shifts occur. 

The underlying theme this season relates to working with the shadow, the parts of yourself that are kept hidden, they hold the insecurities and negative beliefs that keep old patterns intact. 

This is a good time to explore what insecurities and old beliefs don’t align with you any longer.

Maybe they don’t represent who you are today or who you want to become. 

In my own life and those around me, I’ve noticed a strong desire to step into a confident, capable and powerful way of being. 

To connect to a sense of capability and strength to feel centered enough within to bring yourself out into the world. 

I see this as sharing your talents, gifts and unique essence with the people, community and world around you. It’s a way to contribute with ease. 

As I was feeling uncertain around my own sense of power, responsibility and contribution I received a message from nature that helped to soothe my system. 

It was a gentle reminder that we’re all one tree within an entire forest- one tree isn’t responsible for the entire forest but it does have an impact- it belongs there, it has a role in the ecosystem. 

Each tree gives and receives as it channels energy out into the ecosystem and receives energy back in to grow roots and sustain itself. 

There’s a harmonious flow between the trees; each plays its part based on their unique essence.

Each of us, connected at the roots, have our own role within the system which naturally changes and evolves based on what resources are available at that time. 

In our human form, the flow between your own essence and what

others offer is how we live in harmony. 

Often the subconscious beliefs, behavior patterns and unresolved trauma can keep you disconnected from the talents and power within so that energy isn’t being channeled into this world in a way it aligns with you.

The tree doesn’t doubt its capability to provide oxygen; it plays the part it’s meant to and lets the rest of the environment channel their own resources.

You get to play your part based on your own potential, unique qualities, capabilities, strengths and roles. 

It can take the pressure off to realize that the gifts are already there, it’s letting yourself feel empowered enough to share them. 

“Talent is the ability to let ideas manifest themselves through you.”

-Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being

If you’d like to explore further and go deeper in this process then I’m offering two groups that provide knowledge, specific practices and space to grow into the truest version of yourself. 

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