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The Practice of Self-Love

Often we think of self-love as something we obtain and then live in a blissful state of "love and light" and instead, I'd encourage you to begin to explore self-love as a practice. When you practice something- whether it be a sport, musical instrument, new language- it starts to feel more accessible over time, there's room to make mistakes, it doesn't have to be perfect and yet you continue to return to it again and again because that's what practice is.

I offer that you can begin to explore what it looks and feels like to practice self-love. It doesn't mean you need to know exactly how to love yourself-it means you're willing to give yourself time, space and openness to explore what this means to you.

I've shared insights on the importance of defining and creating clarity around self-love in an article published on Wealth of Geeks. This article shares ideas and explorations on how to connect to and practice self-love.

I believe self-love is more than a concept, it's a path to inner peace.

I offer with an open heart a mantra to practice: May I love and be loved.

Sending love and care your way!

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