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Self-Forgiveness to Step Forward

Happy Fall Equinox, Virgo New Moon and for those that feel connected to the Jewish New Year- Rosh Hashanah

It feels like this time of year begins the call inward. This new season, new moon and new year creates space for introspection and curiosity to explore what’s working for you and what needs to change as there’s time to slow down in the coming months. It’s a good time to revisit the intentions and visions you set earlier this year and discern if they continue to resonate with you.

It’s a period of soul searching and of deep self-reflection to shine a light on what isn’t working so that you can connect to what’s working and create new patterns that’ll help you remain on the path toward your vision.

With this call inward toward yourself the questions might be, how do I sit with myself honestly to listen to my truth? How do I observe myself with an open heart?

I understand this isn’t an easy process as we cope with ongoing pain in this world and healing unresolved trauma from the past- it's normal there’s discomfort when you choose to be with yourself and explore the patterns, choices and life situations that may or may not resonate with you now.

One way to begin to create internal space to honor this exploration during this new moon, new season and new year is the practice of Self-Forgiveness.

The practice of self-forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate choice to release feelings of resentment toward yourself. It’s giving space to explore if self-blame can be released because it won’t change the past. It’s about looking forward, with a gentle gaze, toward your future.

Self- Forgiveness is a method to break old patterns and step into the life you want to create for yourself.

It can help to make room for new paths, to walk down new neural pathways and to gain new perspectives because it shifts your focus.

One benefit of this practice is that it de-centers the pain, trauma and judgements as the focus of your life so that you can center around joy, freedom and peace that self-forgiveness creates within.

This is what fosters a connection to your light, connection to the Source energy that’s your wisdom, intuition and truth.

This isn’t about anyone else as you get to choose to forgive yourself and others in your own time, or choose not to forgive as well.

It’s an offering to your own being, in your own way and in your own time, as this is a deeply personal experience.

Through this offering, I hold the intention for myself and all of you to center around your truth today and feel a stronger connection to your own wisdom within.

Below I offer a practice and journal prompts to explore as well as trauma-informed group offerings this Fall season:

Fall Equinox and New Moon Practice :

There’s a beautiful Hawaiian practice of forgiveness called Ho'oponopono, which roughly translates to “cause things to move back in balance”. I’d offer to repeat this mantra, either throughout your day or set aside a few moments of quiet time and observe what you notice:


“I’m sorry,

Please Forgive Me,

Thank you,

I love you.”

Journal prompts:

What does self forgiveness create space for? What do you want to invite in?

What pattern do you want to break to create the life you envision for yourself today? How do you want to bring your light into this world?

What does wisdom mean to you? How do you connect to your inner wisdom?

Yoga for Trauma Survivors: Somatic and Heart Centered Practices for Healing

This is a virtual, six-week closed group series for self-identified women with a focus on healing symptoms related to PTSD and trauma. Each group session is centered around a theme that'll guide us through somatic exercises for nervous system regulation, time for connection with yourself and others as well as a yoga practice for spiritual and personal growth.

**This group meets from Friday, October 6th-November 10th at 11:00am PST/2:00 pm EST**

Yoga for Trauma: Moving Through Shame

This is a three week, virtual mini-series on healing shame in the nervous system. This group will explore how shame develops from trauma (individual and collective), how it's experienced in daily life and create understanding on how these patterns impact your nervous system.

Shame is part of the freeze response in your nervous system so through conscious movement and awareness you can melt this response in your body so shame no longer keeps you stuck.

Once you’re no longer in freeze it creates space for that energy to flow

Each session will focus on somatic exercises targeted to change the patterns of shame in your nervous system, psycho-education (Jnana Yoga) to deepen your knowledge and wisdom as well as an asana practice on the mat to your body through the emotional experience.

**This group meets from Friday, October 27th-November 10th at 3:00pm PST/6:00 pm EST**

Feel free to connect with me anytime if you want to further explore your healing process.

I’m sending love, care and support on your healing journey.

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