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The Art of Receiving

Happy Summer Solstice! ☀️💛✨

The summer solstice celebrates the abundance of the Earth-the land, food, water and resources that help to sustain all beings and the power of the Sun that shines down on all of us.

As we enter into the season of abundance it’s a good time to practice being open to receive. To receive all the abundance that's meant you there often needs to be a process of softening. 

To soften means to release attachments, preconceived notions and obsessions of how things “should” be. 

These attachments close off the mind and heart so there’s less space to receive-to welcome with ease- what’s truly meant for you. 

It’s like the old saying “a closed hand cannot receive”. 

The practice of softening is vulnerable, it takes courage to open your heart. 

Courage to feel, to process, to grow and be open to change. 

An open heart means you’ll feel the pain that comes with letting go of those attachments, ways of being, relationships, etc.. 

To let go so that you can create space for what brings you home to yourself. This lets you honor your desires and be in your truth. 

This is where you can tap into the warmth of the sun to soften and open to what calls you. 

Imagine the heat of the sun warming your heart center and ask yourself, what needs to soften so that I’m open to receiving? Where do I notice this on my body? 

Can you envision what it’ll look like if you received your truest desires? How would you feel?

Even if you don’t know how you’ll get there. It’s being open to what life brings while you create the life you want.  

If you’re open to exploring this further, I have another round of Yoga for Trauma Survivors: Somatic and Heart Centered Practices for Healing. 

We’ll create space in the mind, body and heart for you to live your truest life.

Feel free to pass this along to friends, clients, family that might benefit from this work.

A virtual, six-week closed group series for self-identified women and non-binary individuals with a focus on healing  and tapping into your heart center. Each group session is focused on a theme that'll guide you through somatic exercises for nervous system regulation, time for connection with yourself and others as well as a yoga practice for spiritual and personal growth.

This group meets from Wednesday, July 24th-August 28th at 10:00am PST/1:00 pm EST

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