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When your thoughts won't stop...

If you experience anxiety then you’ll understand what it means when I say that you live in your head--at the mercy of the endless thoughts that flood your mind.

At times, you literally want to scream because the constant thoughts won’t stop.

With anxiety you’re disconnected from yourself and others because it creates distance from reality.

You’re focused on stories and scenarios that haven’t happened yet so it’s hard to know how you feel or what you need in any given moment-- which is why it feels painful to make decisions.

When you live in your head there’s no real connection to what’s happening right in front of you--in this moment.

But there’s a way out of this…

The key is to tune into your body.

Your body’s the anchor to the present- the here and now.

When you’re consumed with thoughts, the answer is to “drop into” your body because that’s how you *feel* being in the present moment.

This connection to your body helps you observe your experience and slow down the thoughts.

This awareness “grounds” you, meaning it brings you back to earth and connects you to where you’re at in the moment so that you gain a sense of clarity.

When you anchor in your body you’re able to experience life as it happens in the moment.

Anchors create a sense of calmness for the boat it’s connected to; regardless of how big the boat, the anchor creates a sense of stability.

And your body’s the anchor that brings the same stability to your mind.

As you notice the sensations you experience, those slight movements of your body, you’ll get clues as to what you’re experiencing in the moment.

You can begin this practice by grounding through your senses-sight, touch, hear, smell and taste.

Focus on one sense- or all five- and observe what it’s like to notice the present moment through your body. Notice what it feels like to be aware in this moment.

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